Friday, December 12, 2008

You Need Options

I know it's really boring being alone for the complete day compare to complete night. :-) Let me find out some interesting ways to pass time !!!

"Options You have"

1) First and the best option is to Sleep.
2) Very next is to watch movie.
3) Oh! you don't have movie and you are awake, then go to market to do some eye exercise.
4) Is it! you don't have market nearby, come on internet and start chating machines.
5) I know some people don't like strangers and many of us don't know how to make strenger friends on chat, then let's make some. Open you tube and searchout latest as u wish.
6) Don't you like computers? ok, come out of home and go to garden. Do some walking or normal exercise.
7) Ok you have done exercise, now what?? "food experiments". Make something and tryout. Best is let others try and give comments or complements.
6) Oh!! u had enough food!! Now start gaming on you mobile or laptop.
7) Some people don't like games without competeter, find any news paper and read it from first to last.
8) Don't u have any news paper...find interesting books in your home, that's good thing among the complete list. Read it.
9) ohh u reached to this point...let me give you my friend's suggestion. I know you don't want any car or any bike. But just go to the showroom and checkout prizes and features. If you would like to go to mall and do the same with shooze shop or electronics market.... do it. This way you will have some knowledge also and your time will pass faster.

If you have tried all above and you have one more day to spend. Take up any task as you wish from following,
a) Go on street and pick up anyone, just make a chat, try to attract him/her... just try this out...dare to make him/her believe in you. You will feel better and satisfied.

wait for next...I am thinking.

le me think some more....
To pass time and to do time pass are two different things. We are here to pass time not to do timepass